Incidental Food/Leftovers

While we have always appreciated incidental donations of food – usually wonderful leftovers from parties and events – the standards we have to meet in our new kitchen prevent us from taking such donations any longer. Thank you for thinking of us.

Prepared Food/Meals

Delivering Meals: To ensure that WARM has time to heat the meals to the state regulated temperature before serving, please follow these guidelines:

For delivery the same day as the meal is being served:

Uncooked: Please provide cooking instructions deliver by 2 PM
Cooked but Cold & Needs to be Heated: Deliver by 4 PM
Cooked & Hot: Deliver by 5 PM

NOTE: All Meals Must Be Delivered By 5PM On Your Scheduled Day

Please note that if a meal is not delivered by 5pm, WARM will have to begin preparing a meal with whatever is available – this causes a great amount of stress for everyone – especially when there are up to 50 people waiting for a 5:30 PM meal. Also meals arriving late which are not prepared and hot need more than one-half hour to bring them up to State Regulations.

NOTE: Meals Brought In Before The Scheduled Day/Date or Before 2PM That Day:

Mark all containers with your GROUP’s NAME and DATE TO BE SERVED and COOKING INSTRUCTIONS.

Example: “St. Michael’s Church: DINNER FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 30th”

Please stop in the Front Office and let a Staff Member know the delivery has been made, so it does not get confused with a random donation.

If you are unsure of your group’s meal date contact Jillian Wassmer (Volunteer Coordinator) by calling 401.596.9276.

Thank you to all of you who take the time, effort, energy and funds to bring in meals for warm’s community soup kitchen!


Attire for Hire accepts clean, laundered and/or dry-cleaned clothing for men and women who are returning to the workforce. Please drop off clothing during AFH hours of operations to the AFH program, next to the Shelter at 54 Spruce Street, Westerly.

NOTE: The WARM Shelter does not accept furniture donations any longer unless for a specific need. Please call the Shelter at 401.596.9276 to inquire.


WARM sometimes has a need for donations of sundries other than food and clothing. Call ahead to be sure that we can accept your donation.

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