Harvest Homes is a program designed to provide homeless families with shelter while promoting self-sufficiency and giving them hope for a safer, healthier future. We operate thirteen remote residential apartments specifically designated for Harvest Homes. All thirteen apartments are located in Westerly. Participating adults are provided with a range of services designed to help them become fully independent, including vocation counseling; basic skills training, including cooking and food shopping classes; and financial education.

One Family’s Story

Escaping from domestic violence, Dee moved her family from the south, to where she thought they would be safe; in a domestic violence shelter in a neighboring New England state.

Through a network of social service agencies and referrals, Dee, a well-educated professional, came to WARM with her five children after her location in the DV shelter was found by her abuser. Fortunately, an apartment would be available in a few days, and Dee was accepted into WARM’s family shelter; Harvest Homes.

Tearful and embarrassed by her situation, yet determined to move forward, Dee and her children were provided a safe place to live and given support by a caring case manager. With hard work and referrals for supportive services, within one month Dee left Harvest Homes and relocated yet again, finding employment in her field, permanent housing, and safety from the dangers and threats to her family.

WARM extends deep gratitude to the supporters that enable us to care for families in need.

To find out more about Harvest Homes: Email Amanda Imbriglio, Family Housing Case Manager